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3 Simple Steps for Exterior Paint Prep

3 Simple Steps for Exterior Paint Prep

A painting job seems like an easy task but if proper planning is not done, you might be dealing with a mess in the end. Some important factors to consider are proper surface preparation, professional painters, and the quality of paint.

You might be wondering why you need high-quality paint. High-quality paint may cost you more than inferior paint, but it’s sure to give you the best finish that will last a lifetime. However, to make the most of this, you need to know what goes into prepping a surface.

1. Scraping and Sanding is a Must

Scraping and sanding is a vital step of surface prepping. A wire brush and a paint scraper are required for this tedious process.

Sanding is important for paint to stay on the walls. It removes irregularities and roughens the surface for the paint to stick to it. You can speed up the work with power sanders, but make sure you have proper ventilation.

2. Be Ready for Spills

A painter cannot avoid spills while painting the surface. You should always keep the surfaces prepared for paint spills.

Water-based or latex paints can easily be wiped off with water and a clean piece of cloth. For the spills caused by oil-based paints, a paint thinner or mineral spirit will do the job.

3.Move Obstacles Out of The Way

While painting, a painter should make sure to remove the obstacles or tape them. The decision of removing or taping depends on the nature of the obstacle. Obstacles can be wooden boxes, utility heads, and racks. This will ensure the painter’s safety and help them maintain proper momentum. Moving obstacles out of the way will make the painting job easier and quicker.

An experienced painting contractor will make sure to follow these essential steps before painting the exterior of your house. You can transform your house by hiring the best painting professionals.

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