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5 Main Causes of Drywall Damage

5 Main Causes of Drywall Damage

A lot of homes today use drywall to create walls. Drywall is a surface that becomes the frame of your house. This product is pretty durable and easy to use. However, it can easily be damaged. The best part is that you can easily repair it at the most minimal cost.

Drywalls can get damaged due to several different reasons. Here are some of them:


One of the main causes of the drywall damage is leakage. If your plumbing system is old or hasn’t been installed the right way, you may face such issues in the near or far future.

Apart from plumbing issues, leakage through the roofs, the doors and the windows also lead to drywall damage. You may notice your walls having wetness or dark spots in some areas. This is a sign of damaged drywall.

When this takes place, the first thing you want to do is repair the source of the leak. The next step is to call a drywall expert and have the drywall repaired.


A small crack in drywall leads to a bigger problem within a short period of time. Most of the time, cracks in the drywall can further lead to problems not only in the wall but even in the foundation of the house. Cracks are usually formed in areas where there is moisture. Another reason for cracking could be poor installation. To avoid such a situation, you need to inspect your wall every now and then.

Impact or Force

Another cause of damaged drywall is due to impacts on the wall. Sometimes, kids in your home may kick the wall. This may cause a dent in the wall. It can also be caused by a doorknob hitting the wall. Sometimes, even furniture can cause damage to the walls as well. To prevent damage, you need to be careful with everything that can come in contact with the wall.


Nobody enjoys the invasion of termites in their home. If you notice even a slight sign of termites, do not wait. Call the exterminator right away. Termites can damage the wall from within. This can even go unnoticeable. But you need to keep a stringent eye if you notice a pinhole or a hollow sound in the wall.

Loose Joint Tape

When installing the drywall, the joint tape used to put them together loses its adhesive at times. This happens due to moisture. We cannot keep an eye on the adhesive of the tape. However, if this occurs, all you can do is call a professional and have the damaged area repaired and professionally painted.

Drywalls can easily get damaged by any of the above factors. If you notice any holes, hollowness, dents, or discoloration, call an expert right away.

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