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6 Common Reasons for Drywall Damage

6 Common Reasons for Drywall Damage

Do you need to hire drywall repair contractors every few months? Is it weighing heavy on your home maintenance budget? There might be something you can do about it. By finding out the reason for this regular damage, you can reduce your future drywall repair costs. Many factors contribute to drywall wear and tear. And the good news is, most of them can be easily controlled by a homeowner. Here are some common causes of drywall damage and a few ways to prevent it.

1. Nails

When nails pop out, and you try to fix it with a hammer, it can cause serious damage to your drywall. You need to take the help of a drywall repair expert in Newburgh before attempting to fix this problem independently.

2. Heavy furniture

You should be careful when moving your heavy furniture around. Try to keep furniture an inch or two apart from the walls and save the drywall from scuffing. Try to identify and get rid of these scuff marks early so the damage doesn’t worsen.

3. Lack of Door Stoppers

Small holes can appear on the drywall when it gets hit by the door or its knob repeatedly. By installing door stoppers behind doors, you can save your drywall from this damage.

4. Water Damage

You should get your drywall repaired as soon as you discover any water seepage within your walls. The actual extent of the damage might not be apparent at first but could end up costing you much more down the line. Hire drywall repair services in Evansville and stop water damage from reaching deeper within your walls.

5. Small Cracks

Small cracks in the wall often go unnoticed and lead to foundation damage eventually. Taking care of these cracks soon as they arise is important to extend the life of your drywall and house in general.

6. Corner Bead or Joint Tape Damage

The joint tape used in the installation of drywall often gets loose with moisture exposure. Similarly, the corner bead within the drywall can also undergo wear and tear. Both of these problems require the attention of Professional painters and drywall repair experts at Jay’s Painting Company. Our company offers all the services you require for your next house painting. Get in touch with us today and stop drywall damage at the source.

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