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Busting 4 Common Myths about House Painting

Busting 4 Common Myths about House Painting

Scheduling for a paint job can be a difficult process for many homeowners. This task can become even more difficult due to some commonly believed myths about house painting. Most of these myths are perpetuated by amateur painters who lack professional experience. Often, painting services try to make their customers believe in myths, so they will schedule their home painting as advised by the company. Here is a list of some of these myths and the truth behind them.

1. “Cold Weather isn’t Right for House Painting”

A few decades ago, house painting was only done when the temperature was above 50 degrees. Because the older variants of paint would lose their adhesiveness in dry weather. This problem has been solved by the invention of paints that are ideal for application in any extreme weather. Residential painting contractors in Newburgh can provide you with paint options that work just as well for cold weather as they do for warmer seasons.

2. “Using a Primer is Optional”

Applying a primer is important to help the paint job last longer and save the walls from easily staining. It helps the paint cling to the walls better and gives a professional finish to the paint. Exterior Painting Services in Newburgh strongly advise using paint with primer to reduce the need for repaints. No matter how many coats of paint you might apply, it can never replace the need for a primer.

3. “Painting Should be Done When Its Windy”

Many people believe that they should have their house painted when the weather is clear. With certain paints, it can be difficult to air out the fumes unless the weather is windy. But professional painters can help you find some products that can be ideal for application in any weather.

4. “Color Options Can Be Limited for a Furnished Room”

When you pick the right professional for the job, you will be offered a plethora of options and solutions for all home areas. No matter the style, décor, or furniture of your house, the interior painters of Jay’s Painting Company can provide you with as many color options as you like. There are hundreds of color combinations and contrasts that these painting experts can create. Book your appointment today, and start exploring your options.

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