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Difference between Residential and Commercial Painting

Painting contractors that provide services for homes have different skills than those who provide services for commercial facilities. Commercial and residential painting may seem similar but involve varying tools and procedures. The painting operation within a commercial facility has to be conducted in a way that does not disrupt the organizational function. A commercial painting operation also occurs on a much larger scale and needs to be managed efficiently. Here are some more factors that set commercial painting apart from residential painting.

1. The Difference in Scope

As apparent by the name, residential painting is only suitable for small-scale operations involving houses. In contrast, commercial painting is done on a much bigger scale and involves much more material and other resources. From malls to buildings to factories, every facility requires commercial painting services.

2. Difference in Equipment

The tools such as paint rollers and brushes used for residential projects cannot be used for a commercial job. Paint sprays and power washing services may be required when renovating a commercial space.

3. Difference in Added Services

The additional services provided by commercial and residential painters also vary. A commercial painter might also have the skills for concrete ceiling repair and waterproofing. A residential painter often has to paint cabinets, garages in addition to the walls and ceilings. Deck staining and drywall repair is another job that a residential painting contractor may offer.

4. Time of Operation

Commercial paint jobs are usually completed past the work hours of the facility, which is often during the evening or night. Residential painters do not have to adjust to such strict schedules and mostly operate during the day. It is common for commercial painters to work during the weekend or holidays. Whereas residential painters do not offer their services during holiday seasons.

5. Paint Quality

The paint used for commercial purposes has to offer maximum coverage without the need for multiple coats. As more paint is needed for a commercial project, the better the quality, the lower the overall paint job cost.

Professional painters in Evansville that work for Jay’s Painting Company have the right set of skills to complete any commercial or residential painting project perfectly. Depending on the needs of each client, they use effective tools and procedures so each project can be completed before the scheduled time.

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