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How the Color of Your Child’s Room Affects Their Mood

How the Color of Your Child’s Room Affects Their Mood

Colors have an impact on human psychology, which means they can affect a child’s mood and behavior. Warms colors like yellow, orange, and red can be stimulating while cool colors like green and blue can feel soothing. Read this guide to understand how different paint colors can affect your child’s psychology.

1. Red Alert

This is the most exciting paint color of the palette. It can make your heart race faster, elevate blood pressure, and even stimulate your appetite.

It’s a stimulating color and is mostly associated with anger and rage. It can also radiate negative energy, making your child stressed and aggressive. This color should be avoided as it can be a very intense color for young minds to handle.

2. Serene Blue

Does your child have behavioral problems? This color is the best pick for your child’s room. The blue color is associated with positivity and gives a soothing feel to the room.

It suppresses melatonin production of the body which regulates the circadian rhythm, determining our sleep pattern. It makes your child feel more energized and reduces lethargy. It’s the best antidote for children with anger and anxiety issues.

3. Harmonious Green

Green color has strong associations with nature. When you hear of this color, you will imagine forests with huge trees and gardens with lush green grass. But have you ever wondered, how a green room can affect your child’s mood? Well, we’re here to enlighten you.

Green color has a shorter wavelength which makes it a cool-toned color. A room with a pastel green color gives a refreshing and peaceful feel. It has strong ties with nature which make it a sign of health. This color can enhance your child’s creativity and reading ability. It is also known as a symbol of optimism and motivation.

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