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Painting Your Walls: All You Need to Know

If you want to freshen up your home’s look, what’s better than painting your walls and giving them a brand new coat of color? Painting your walls is an affordable way to have fun with your family through a home improvement activity. Painting isn’t that difficult and doesn’t require any previous experience. But some tips never harmed anyone! Follow this guide, so you know how to paint your walls perfectly.

Prepping the Room

If you’re going to paint a room, the room needs some prepping too. Empty out your room as much as possible, so you have plenty of space and nothing is in your way. Cover large or heavy furniture with old sheets and wipe your walls. Walls can have dirt built up on them. Removing any dust, debris, or oils will allow the paint to stick to the walls better.

The walls should be free of any holes or cracks, so fill them in—tape off the adjacent walls, window panes or trims, and switchboards. Use newspapers or old sheets to cover the floors.

Test the Paint

This is a small but important step that many people tend to skip. Always test your paint to know how it looks in your room’s lighting and natural light and if you have selected the right color.

The Right Finish

The color you’ve chosen to paint your room’s walls isn’t the only important aspect of the paint job. The finish also matters. You can go with a high gloss paint finish, eggshell paint finish, or a flat paint finish. A high gloss paint finish is long-lasting and easy to clean, but it highlights the flaws on your walls, whereas a flat paint finish will hide those but is prone to damage. An eggshell finish gives the best of both the finishes as it is easy to clean, has some gloss, and doesn’t highlight any imperfections while not being too susceptible to damage.

A paint roller placed on a wooden ladder

Invest in Proper Supplies

Don’t be stingy when it comes to spending on proper supplies. You will require a good quality paintbrush, roller extenders to reach higher walls, and a sturdy step ladder, so you’re safe.

Brush Before You Roll

Use a brush to paint the one-inch distance from the corners of your walls, the ceiling, and the baseboard. Then you can use the roller to smooth out the marks your brush might’ve left. This will give you a flat smooth surface.

Save Your Paint

Before buying your paint, measure your walls and determine how much paint you will need, so you don’t end up buying too much or too little.

Another way to save your paint is to prime your walls when you fill the cracks and holes in them. The primer will help you seal the walls’ base and allow the paint to adhere to the walls better.

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