Hire Jay’s Painting Company – Because quality makes all the difference – inside and outside! Exterior painting can be a complicated process! Because the different materials in the fascia can require a different kind of coverage. Our professional exterior painters in Evansville and Newburgh will make sure to get the job done smoothly and efficiently, so you can get your house back as soon as possible! Exterior painting requires certain expertise because the contract varies from property to property. Whether it is an apartment, a condo, or a villa, we take our projects and challenges very seriously! Our experienced exterior painters in Evansville and Newburgh will make sure to get the project done as efficiently as possible without inconveniencing your neighbors and family members! Extreme temperatures and weather can make the exterior walls of your house dull and faded. If you want your house to shine like a jewel in your neighborhood Jay’s Painting Company is the one to call!

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The first reason why Jay’s Painting Company is one of the best choices for your interior and exterior painting projects is they can transform your house into a home! Want a statement wall and a bright, colorful door? Awesome! We will help with anything you need! Our paint job can protect the walls of your home from further damage from the elements like rain and snow, mold buildup, and harsh temperatures under the sun. We realize that your home is a financial and emotional investment, so it makes sense to protect and take care of it in any way you can! This is where we come in! At Jay’s Painting Company, we have one of the best and most experienced painting contractors, drywall contractors, and driveway sealing contractors in Evansville and Newburgh to help you with painting services and repair emergencies. Get in touch with Jay’s Painting Company to get a free estimate for your commercial or residential painting project!

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