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Signs Your Drywall Needs a Repair

An average home costs $374,900 in the US. It takes a lifetime’s worth of savings and years of loan payments to afford a house in today’s world. After all this hassle, every homeowner wants their home to look put together and beautiful from the inside out.

However, over time, some corners of your home might experience fading and damage, especially the drywalls. Drywalls make for the most common and recurring repair for homeowners. But how do you tell whether it’s time for a repair or not?

Here are five signs to look out for.

Water Damage

Did you know leaking pipes can cause severe damage to your drywalls? That’s because the constant exposure to moisture can weaken its structural integrity.

If it’s a small leak, soaking up the extra water and drying it using a fan can fix it. But bigger leaks need bigger solutions. Not investing in immediate drywall repair can result in your drywall losing its strength and falling apart.

Popping Nails

Over time, some nails can pop out of your drywall randomly for many reasons, such as a settling house that can cause the nails to shift. Moreover, if the wood used to build the house has moisture, the shrinkage can cause the nails and studs to twist or shift as the wood begins to dry.


One of the greatest reasons for calling in a drywall repair is when it’s not installed correctly in the first place. Instead, it can become even more prone to cracks and splitting. But if it’s installed well, then changes in temperature or house settling can result in big and prominent cracks, especially if it’s closer to the windows, corners, or doors.


Removing things from your drywall, such as old wallpapers, mirrors, or tiles, can cause chunks of the drywall to come off. While this doesn’t lead to any major structural damages, it’s aesthetically unappealing, especially if you plan to sell your home. You’ll want to get the drywall repaired and have the walls look brand new to get the best value.


Small holes emerging in your drywall are quite common, whether due to pressure at the wrong angle or a child throwing something at it. They can be as small as a nail hole to something as large as your fist. On average, drywalls can last you approximately 30 years. However, not repairing these patches instantly can make them grow, affecting your drywall’s structural integrity and life span.

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Which Of These Drywall Issues Are Currently Your Problem?

No matter how big or small an issue is, with immediate attention and repair, you can increase the life of your drywalls. However, it’s essential to only trust experienced drywall repair contractors for a job well done, such as Jay’s Painting Company.

No matter what the issue is, we always have a drywall repair solution. We also offer a wide range of other services in Indiana, such as interior and exterior painting services and driveway sealing.

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