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Top 3 Home Improvement Trends of 2022

With the uncertain times behind us and an even uncertain future looming ahead, COVID-19 has changed the global landscape. From workplace environments to the way we study and receive education, we have seen drastic changes in many facets of life. So while it’s too soon to say what 2022 will hold for us, if you’re looking to renovate your home after a long lockdown period, here are some ideas for home improvement projects you can get started on.

House with a garden and pool

Casual And Collective Kitchen Look

Even though all-white kitchens are a classic, layered looks topped the charts last year. In 2022, people are opting for a more casual and laidback look for their kitchen instead. Lighter paint colors for the cabinets, raw wooden tones, and wooden fronts for the cabinets are preferred. This light design can provide you with a nicer visual appearance with great texture and ambiance. It will seem like a style that is put together but in a relaxed manner. You can call your local painting contractor or cabinet painter in Newburgh to get started on your kitchen renovations.

Investments In Home Office

Based on the work-from-home trends in the workplace continuing from last year, people are investing in home offices and designated desk spaces. If you’re thinking of turning a room into your home office, start with interior painting and go from there.

The layout, colors, and aesthetic of a room can have an impact on our productivity and performance. You can also turn this into your pet project and go shopping for shelves, ornaments, desks, chairs, and window curtains. You can call your local painting company for interior painting services as well. Because if you getting one room painted, why not get all the interior walls refreshed?

Enhanced Outdoor Aesthetics And Features

Being cooped up at home can make anyone stir-crazy. And COVID-19 didn’t do us any favors. So, another trend that has been popping up since last year and has continued onwards in 2022 is that people are investing in outdoor features like pools, outdoor seating and dining areas, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. People are bringing the outdoors to their doorstep so that they can enjoy themselves while being stuck at home.

You can start on your renovation project by fixing the exterior of your house and opt for exterior painting services from your local painting contractor and work from there. You can also consider making a backyard garden for your kids!

If you are thinking of starting a renovation project, you have landed on the right page. At Jay’s Painting Company, we provide quality painting services like cabinet painting,  interior painting, exterior painting, and furniture painting. Get in touch with us to make an appointment and learn more about our services in Evansville.

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