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Top 5 Trending Interior Wall Painting Colors for Your Home

Does your home’s interior fail to spark excitement in your life, no matter how much you move your furniture around? Don’t sulk because there’s a simple solution for your problem; you just need to repaint your interior walls and you’ll be blessed with a new look!

Applying a new layer of paint to your home’s wall can help give you and your home a fresh look. Wondering which interior colors are trending today? We have some color options that you should consider.

Mid-Brown Taupe

Want a refreshed look but don’t want to do something too bold? Then shades of brown can help you. This year is all about incorporating different shades of brown into your home’s interior, whether walls or décor.

Mid-brown taupe is the perfect shade to slather all over your walls or maybe just one accent wall. This velvety cocoa is a striking shade for any room.

Orange Paint Trends

Tired of playing it safe and want to make a bold statement? Then hop onto the bandwagon of orange paint trends. Apart from browns, playing with the shades of deep orange is also in as it’s vibrant and inviting.

Shades of orange are making their way into homes due to the uplifting feeling they exude.

Easy to Live Gray

No matter what color is trending, gray will always be in. This is one of the most popular colors that we can’t ever get enough of. The perfect gray to choose in 2022 is the one that touches the green, blue, and gray spectrum.

If you’re an art lover and have some pieces to flaunt, this shade will be the perfect color behind your art frames.

Make it Cheery with Yellow

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, yellow is also trending this year to help brighten up spaces. This bright and mood-lifting warm yellow shade is great to get a feeling of confidence, energy, and optimism in your home.

This color can be used anywhere from hallways and kitchens to north-facing rooms that have little to no light.

Sophisticated Pink

Wall in a natural pink color

When you hear pink walls, you immediately think of a baby’s room. That’s because you haven’t seen this pink yet. 2022 is making way for shades of neutral pinks that are warm and welcoming. From peachy tones to soft rose pinks, there are many shades to choose from. Each of these shades will help bring a sophisticated touch to your living space while keeping the “pinkness” subtle.

Ready to Start Painting?

While a handful of other colors are trending too, these five are clear winners for many homeowners. If you’re ready to start painting, get in touch with us today. Need a job well done within the decided time frame? All you need is Jay’s Painting Company.

From exterior and interior painting services to driveway sealing and drywall repairs, we offer a wide range of high-quality services in Indiana. If you’re eager to learn more about us, visit our website today!

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