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What Colors Should You Choose for Your Baby’s Nursery?

Choosing a nursery color can be tricky. After all, the stereotypical blue and pink colors for male and female genders have long since gone out of trend. People are now starting to use more gender-neutral colors, which has made selecting colors for your nursery harder. When you consider color psychology and the subtle effects colors have on children, making a decision seems almost impossible. But have no fear! This blog will help you navigate the difficult world of color.

Soothing greens

Green has always been associated with calmness as it lowers anxiety and is said to improve concentration and reading ability. Painting your walls green is a great way of bringing nature inside your home. Plus, green is the go-to gender-neutral color. Choose softer green colors like sage green, olive green, mint, seafoam, aquamarine, and wintergreen to achieve a calming effect.

Calming blues

Similar to green, blue can also help with relaxing the mind and body. Aside from that, it can also lower anxiety and lower heart rate, which is great for lulling babies to sleep. Aside from that, blue also keeps the room physically cool which is great if you live in a hot and humid environment. If you are thinking about choosing blue, consider lighter shades such as aqua, powder blue, duck egg, periwinkle, and pale tortoise.

a woman standing in a nursery that is painting in comforting shades of blue

Comforting purples

The soft pink and purple colors are a go-to for any nursery because they are incredibly soothing. But if you want to do something a little different, choose subtle purple colors for your nursery. This color has always been associated with royalty, wisdom, and elegance and is imbued with the qualities of both red and blue colors. It can become calming like blue and energetic like red, depending on the hue you choose. If you are choosing purples, consider lavender or lilac.

Earthy tones

Unlike what people say, earthy tones are great for nursery since they calm the eyes and lull the child to sleep. They are calming and grounding and make any large space cozy and inviting. They can be a little overwhelming, especially when they are saturated, so a good idea is to pair a darker earthy tone like brown with white walls. But if you prefer some lighter colors, try using beige, tight tan, and taupe.

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