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What Type of Exterior House Paint is Best for Your Climate?

What Type of Exterior House Paint is Best for Your Climate?

Your home exterior is subjected to extreme weather conditions, including heavy monsoon rains, hailstorms, snowfall, and exposure to U.V rays of the sun. Taking the climate into account is critical when you’re choosing paint. If the right paint is not selected, you may see it peeling off within a year. Here’s everything you should know before selecting exterior paint for your house.

1. Rain Showers

Indiana is a rainfall-prone area, experiencing heavy floods and thunderstorms during the spring and summer. Water-based paint is the perfect exterior paint option for houses in this region.

Latex paint with an acrylic binder is the perfect exterior paint for rain. Unlike oil-based paints it doesn’t trap the moisture beneath it, which makes it less susceptible to discoloration, cracking, and peeling.

It has the best weather resisting properties and will make your house look incredible for years to come.

2. Watch Out for the Sun

Summer is considered the best weather for a painting job. The heat speeds up drying. However, extreme exposure to the harmful sun rays can cause an irregular finish if the right material is not selected.

Oil-based and lacquer-based enamel paints are a suitable choice for houses susceptible to prolonged sun exposure. Enamel paints are durable and are wear-resistant. The application of a layer of primer or topcoat is essential to avoid chipping.

3. Winter Solstice

It’s a good idea to finish the painting job before the winter rolls. Low temperatures don’t work well with paints, prolonging their drying time. The paints tend to freeze which makes them lumpy and alters the consistency.

It’s advisable to select water- based paint like acrylic-latex paint. It is durable and can be used to cover any type of surface, let it be wood or aluminum. It has a faster drying time and remains flexible even when it’s dry.

Only a well-experienced professional can tell you which paint to choose for exterior painting. Get in touch with the best painting contractors at Jay’s Painting Company today. We have experience of 15 years and offer the best painting services at affordable rates. From residential painting to drywall repair, our painting contractors will handle everything for you.

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