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5 Tips to Keep the Paint On your Walls Looking Fresh

Getting a fresh coat of paint on your walls can help brighten the look and give your home a refreshed look. However, that freshness usually lasts only a few months until you see it fading away.

From some random spots here and there to scratches and chips, it’s often frustrating as you can’t just keep getting touchups every few weeks! But what if we told you there’s a secret to make your paint last longer?

We understand the hassle of getting your house repainted over and over. That’s why we’ve gathered some tips to help you make your paint look fresh for longer.

Cleaning Your Walls Regularly

Most of these stains that occur are due to dirty hands touching your walls. While these stains are inevitable, you can easily get rid of them by cleaning your walls regularly.

Regularly wiping your walls with a clean or slightly damp cloth ensures the minor dust particles and stains don’t settle in.


As soon as we spot a handful of spots, our inner OCD freak might make us call the painter to get the wall redone, but don’t do that. Unless and until your wall is in dire need of a repaint job, consider getting touchups instead.

If it’s a dark stain or a chipped surface, scrap and touch the area by feathering the paint over it and its surroundings – it works like a charm.

Always Take a Small Pot of Paint from Your Painter

Most of us make the mistake of forgetting to take a sample pot of color from our contractors. As a result, when it’s time for touchups, we have to purchase multiple paint samples to find the perfect match.

Instead, ask your contractor to leave some leftover paint (if any) from your makeover project or note down the details regarding the brand and shade. This way, you always have some extra paint at hand for emergency touchups.

Wall paintbrush with white paint on it

Ready for Your Next Home Makeover Project?

With these handy and easy to implement tips, your paint can look fresh for a longer period. However, if you still need to get your home repainted, get in touch with Jay’s Painting Company.

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